IDIC in Vulcan Script

"Mankind will reach maturity on the day it learns to value diversity—of life and ideas. To be different is not necessarily to be ugly; to have a different idea is not necessarily to be wrong. The worst thing that could happen is for all of us to look and think and act alike."

Geographic Location. Communication Style. Educational Background. Relationship Status. Ethical Values. Political Beliefs. Race. Physical Ability. Religion & Spirituality. Career Path. Life Experience. Gender & Gender Identity, Social Class. Sexual Orientation. Age. Ethnicity. Income Level. Diversity is about what makes each of us unique. It is a combination of our differences that shape our view of the world. It is about recognizing, respecting, and valuing those differences.

The theme for Windycon 50 is IDIC: Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. We chose the theme to celebrate both our range of human differences and the different paths that brought us into fandom.