Windycon Fan Tables

Windycon offers free fan tables for organizations, groups, and individuals to promote themselves. To receive one of these tables all one has to do is fill out the form below.

Fan Table Request

If you have any questions please contact us at

There are two places where we will have fan tables this year. One is in the Conference Center Foyer outside the main programming rooms. The other is in the Grand Ballroom Foyer by the Art Show, Dealers and Atrium Cafe (all tables are on a first come first served basis).

The ones in the Grand Foyer will have the traffic from the Art Show and Dealers during the day but will lose most traffic around 6 pm each night. The ones in the Conference Center Foyer will have traffic from Programming and will continue to have traffic till about 10pm.

Please fill out the form to request a table.

A Few Things to Know

Fan Table Tips

Most conventions have tables set aside for groups, clubs or conventions to use for promotion. These tables are often free, or offered at a discounted rate. You are generally not allowed to sell product at these tables, but you can usually sell memberships and take donations.

Free tables are usually in the main hallways of the hotel, outside of the various function spaces. Larger events, that take place in convention centers, tend to have the tables in the same room as the vendors, and these tables usually have a fee.

Wherever your table is, you goal is to get people to stop and look at your table long enough that you can engage them in conversation, and hopefully get them to sign up for your thing.

An eye catching display is the first way to get their attention. This can be achieved with a backdrop behind the table or banner on the front of it. Something as simple as a bright tablecloth will make your table look different than all the other tables with white tablecloths. An interesting display, sign, or fun toys on your table, will draw them in.

A cheap way to get them to stand still for a few seconds is to scatter inexpensive candy across you table. The bulk Tootsie-Roll "Child’s Play Mix" is perfect for this. Don’t put it in a bowl, people will just grab and go. If it’s scattered on the table it takes them a bit longer to pick it up. This gives you a second to greet them, and start the conversation.

A laptop with a video, or slide show, is also a great way to get their attention and make them stand still for a few minutes. However, not all conventions offer electricity. You will want to check with the convention before going this route.

Make sure you have some fliers or other handouts with your group’s information on it. Hand it to people when you talk to them.

It’s best to have at least 2 people at a fan table. They can keep each other company, and give each other breaks. 3-4 people makes the table look popular, which makes it more inviting. More than that and you will crowd out anyone who might stop by.

But the most important tip is to have fun! If you look like you are having a fun time, then people will be more likely to stop at your table to talk with you.

We look forward to having you at Windycon.