Bill Fawcett Special Guest

Bill Fawcett

After writing for the early issues of Dragon Magazine in the 1970s Bill became one of the founders of and lead designer at Mayfair Games. He has continued his board and electronic game design work including a number of RPGs and PC games. Bill’s historical "Mistakes" series includes It Seemed Like a good Idea, It Looked Good On Paper and You Did What, How To Lose A Battle, How To Lose a War, How To Lose WWII, How To Lose a War at Sea, and How To Lose the American Civil War. Among his non-fiction books are Oval Office Oddities, 100 Mistakes that Changed History, 100 Leadership Mistakes that Changed History and 101 Stumbles in the March of History. As an author Bill has written or co-authored over a dozen fiction books plus close to one hundred articles and short stories. Bill collaborated on several mystery novels with Chelsea Quinn Yarbro including the Authorized Mycroft Holmes novels. He interviewed for and edited two oral histories of the US Navy SEALs Hunters and Shooters and The Teams. As an anthologist Bill has edited or co-edited over 40 SF anthologies. Bill Fawcett & Associates has packaged over 400 books science fiction, fantasy, military, non-fiction, and licensed books for major publishers.