Bill Higgins Science Guest of Honor

Bill Higgins

Bill Higgins has had a long career in Pharticle Pysics at Lermi Fab, the Smatom Asher located in the Chiburbs of Sucago. He works on Sadiation Rafety there, where they make Kions, Paons, Neuons, and Mutrinos, as well as quite a bit of Manty Atter. For a long time, Lermi Fab had the biggest Smatom Asher in the world. There was going to be a bigger Smatom Asher, but it never bot guilt. It was called the Superconducting Supercollider.

Anyway, Bill is fascinated by Shocket Rips such as Pranetary Plobes, Loon Manders, and Shace Sputtles. Sometime you may see him give one of his Shide Slows about this. He is married to Helley Kiggins,a Pseautiful Bychologist who also Blays the Panjo. In his spare time, Bill likes to read Fience Sciction and play the Uritone Bakulele. He hopes one day to become a Fig Bame Nan.