Volunteering at Windycon

Windycon is an all-volunteer organization, not a single individual on the convention committee is paid for their time. We rely on the energy and enthusiasm of our dedicated staff to keep the convention running smoothly every year.

We are running on an all-staff model, and have some volunteer staff positions that need to be filled. In exchange for joining our Staff, your name will be printed in our program book, and you will be eligible to have your current Windycon membership costs converted to a membership for next year.

General ConSuite Staff

The Consuite is the heart of the convention. It isn’t just a place to grab some snacks and soda, it’s where everyone goes to sit down and catch up with old friends. Everyone at the convention will eventually find their way to the Consuite, and some people spend most of their weekend there.

Here in the Midwest, we take our consuites seriously, serving far more than boring chips. Windycon’s Consuite strives to provide a regular selection of meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables.

The Consuite is looking for individuals willing to do basic food prep, such as cutting and slicing, as well as making sure the serving tables are regularly filled. There will be some lifting required, in order to refill the soda cans in the ice tables. You will also be responsible for helping to maintain the general cleanliness of the Consuite, including clearing off tables, and washing food prep dishes.

If you are interested in becoming Consuite Staff, please send an email to consuite at windycon dot org.

Green Room Staff

The Green Room is a place for the Guests of Honor and panelists to spend a quiet moment before their panels. They are provided with light refreshments to nibble on while giving them a chance to meet each other and compare notes. It is run in conjunction with Programming Operations as a central location for panelists to prepare for upcoming panels.

Green Room Staff activities will include helping keep serving tables full of tasty food, keeping the food areas clean and sanitary, assisting guests, and generally helping to create a pleasant environment for our Green Room Guests. Food service experience is helpful but not required. A friendly helpful attitude is a huge plus.

We will also need help with setup and teardown of the Green Room. Setup activities may include arranging tables, building the plastic shelves we use (no construction experience needed), laying out kitchen materials and supplies, getting ice, and other activities similar to setting up for a party. Teardown activities are similar, but in reverse.

If you are interested in becoming Green Room Staff, please send an email to greenroom at windycon dot org.

And in General

If you have any questions about the volunteering at Windycon, please send us an email at volunteers at windycon dot org.