Windycon Special Events

Although our utopian Windycon is itself entirely special, First Member has, in his wisdom, designated some of the events as even more special and especially worthy of your attention, differentiating this convention from the dystopias which we will study here.

First among these events &mdash as First Member is first among our membership &mdash are the Opening Ceremonies that will be held at 7 PM on Friday in Junior Ballroom BC. Here, First Member will impart to us his wisdom, introduce our Honored Guests, and inform us of the many things that we should know about this Windycon. Truly, this opportunity to learn from First Member is one that no wise and loyal member of Windycon will miss.

It is music that holds the position dearest to the heart of First Member and it is thus that our Opening Ceremonies will be immediately followed at 8 PM by a performance by Moonshine.

Next, First Member has decreed that we shall laugh, for at 9 PM, SpaceTime Theater will perform a show of all-improvisational science-fiction comedy. No one knows what the troupe might say next, but we are confident that everything that appears on our stage will be to the greater glory of Windycon and First Member.

During the day on Saturday, there will be more music, including concerts by our Honored Guests Erica Neely and Judi Miller. It is a sign of the wisdom and benevolence of First Member that he has invited such talented people to perform at our glorious Windycon.

At 8 PM on Saturday night, we will convene in Junior Ballroom BC for the Windycon Masquerade, where we will see the fine costumes that have been prepared by others of our members for the entertainment and awe of all. In addition, by special order of First Member, those among our membership who wander the halls of Windycon in costume are provided the opportunity to assemble and parade across the Masquerade stage at the beginning of the event, so that everyone there may admire their handiwork. While the judges confer in order to determine who shall receive such awards as First Member has decreed, those who wait will be entertained by the always-funny Tom Smith, The World’s Fastest Filker, who will, we are certain, have much to say and sing to the glory of First Member.

Saturday at 10 PM in Junior Ballroom A, First Member has ordered that there shall be a dance, and so there shall be. It is there that those among our members who feel the rhythm and the beat may have the opportunity to dance the night away.

It is the clear thinking of First Member that informs us and tells us that all good things must come to an end. Indeed, this is the case for our utopian Windycon, where our Closing Ceremonies will be held at 2 PM on Sunday in Junior Ballroom BC. There, under the guidance of First Member, awards will be presented, our Honored Guests thanked, and great wisdom imparted. Then First Member will declare the end of our utopian Windycon and we will learn what awaits our members in the year to come.

All hail First Member!

Opening Ceremonies

07:00 pm
Junior Ballroom BC

SpaceTime Theater

09:00 pm
Junior Ballroom BC

Art Show Reception & Tour

05:00 pm
Art Show

Art Auction

08:00 pm
Grand Ballroom GH


08:00 pm
Junior Ballroom BC

Writers and Donuts

08:00 pm
ISFiC Suite


10:00 pm
Junior Ballroom A

Critter Crunch

10:00 am
Junior Ballroom A

Closing Ceremonies

02:00 pm
Junior Ballroom BC