The hotel is now 100% SOLD OUT (as of a update 10/30) If you waited too long to reserve your room make sure next year to do so earlier on. We will always announce on social media when the room block opens and is available to everyone.

DON’T PANIC! During the next two weeks you can call the hotel directly and ask if any rooms have become available (people canceling trips, or double reservations etc… rooms can/sometimes do become available). Remember we are selling out the hotel earlier and earlier each year and we are not the only group/guests that stay during our weekend. IF we hear of some rooms becoming available during the next two weeks we will announce that on social media.

Windycon Hotel Information

Welcome to the hotel information for Windycon 42: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Windycon. A wonderful weekend with you Hoopy Froods is anticipated.

We return again to the Westin Lombard Yorktown Center. They are looking forward to having us back again this year as we are looking forward to being there. We have a great relationship with the hotel and we look forward to many more years here.

Come join us in this exquisite hotel that offers refreshing touches such as the Heavenly Bed, Heavenly Bath, 32" flat screen TV, expanded work desk with ergonomic chair, High Speed Internet Access, video games, in-room coffee maker with Starbucks Coffee, and Heavenly Bath Robe.

Our room rate this year is $109/night flat rate for 1-4 people. Make your room reservations by clicking here.

Suites are $159/night.

Once you have made a reservation for a regular room and the confirmation number from the Westin then fill out the  Personal Suite Request Form. Forms without a valid reservation number will not be honoured and you will have to refill out the form again when you have one. All requests for a suite for personal use are handled on a first come first served basis.

Windycon reminds all hotel guests that the Westin Heavenly Bathrobes available in your room are part of the hotel amenities but may be purchased for $79 plus tax. Please consider this as you make your wardrobe and costuming choices for the weekend.

Hotel Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age to reserve a room at the hotel?
The minimum age to reserve a room is 21 years old.

What charges does the hotel place on my credit card when reserving?
The Westin Lombard does not place charges on your credit card when reserving a room and no charges will be made to your credit card before you check in. However, if you fail to cancel your room by 6 PM on the day before check in, you may be charged for one night’s stay.

What does the Westin charge as a room deposit upon check in?
For each room you will need to provide a credit card, debit card, or cash to hold for room charges and incidentals. If you are using a credit card, the card will be charged the amount on the room folio upon check out. If you using a debit card, there will be a hold placed on the card immediately upon check-in for the total room and tax, plus $50 per day for incidentals. At check out the held funds that were not used will be released and depending on your bank this could take up to 10 days. If you will be using cash, you will need to provide the total cost of the room and tax for your stay on check in, plus the $50 additional per day for incidentals. At check out the balance of the deposited cash will be reimbursed minus your incidental expenses. Remember, the person whose name is on the room is responsible for all damages or missing items.

I just tried to reserve my room and am being told that the room type I want is not available for the nights I want, now what?
Contact the Hotel Liaison at hotel at windycon dot org and the room block will be expanded if the hotel is not sold out.

For what days is the room block available?
The room block is available from November 10th, 2015 through November 17th, 2015. If you wish to stay at the Westin before or after those dates, contact the Hotel Liaison at hotel at windycon dot org.

Is smoking allowed?
There is no smoking allowed anywhere within the Westin. You can smoke outside fifteen or more feet away from any door.

Does the hotel have a shuttle?
Yes, it does. The hotel will take you and pick you up anywhere within 5 miles of the hotel. You can call the bell desk to arrange this. Remember to tip your driver if you appreciate the service.

Does the Westin allow pets?
The Westin does allow dogs of fewer than 30 pounds to stay in your room. You will be asked to fill out a release form and contact form upon check in. No other animals of ANY sort are allowed except registered assistance animals (see Rules & Policies for more details). If you break this policy, you may be asked to leave the hotel with no refund of your room. If you do not have a room, you may be asked to just leave the hotel. The convention does not allow pets of any sort, except registered assistance animals, in any convention space due to allergies and liability.

Where may we post signs?
You may post signs on the triangular grids that you will find around the hotel and outside the elevator lobby on each floor the convention is using. If you are throwing a party, you may post things around your doorway and in your room using blue tape. No other adhesive is acceptable. If you would like to put things in the hallway, please contact the Party Liaison at parties at windycon dot org.

Is there Internet access? How much is it?
The Westin Lombard has wired and wireless internet available in the sleeping rooms as well as free wireless in the lobby. There will be free internet access available in the ConSuite too. There is free internet access in all hotel rooms.

Can I have packaged delivered to the hotel for myself or others?
Yes you can however there are rules and fees for this. If you would like details please contact hotel at windycon dot org.

If there is a question we have not answered here, then please contact us at hotel at windycon dot org.