Jen Midkiff

Music Guest of Honor: Jen Midkiff

Jen Midkiff learned to read when she was three years old and hasn't come up for air since, unless it's to make music, knit, or pet cats. She was introduced to science fiction by her sixth-grade English teacher, and has loved science fiction and fantasy ever since. But she didn't put the music and the reading together until after learning about the wonderful world of CONVENTIONS, about fifteen years ago, and this obscure musical genre called. . . filk?

A lifelong teacher/learner, Jen both performs and teaches with voice, harp, keyboard, and bass guitar. She is a music theory nerd and will happily discuss church modes, chord theory, and the universal appeal of the pentatonic scale. Or just geek out about LOTR, Firefly, or the latest DC or Marvel superhero flick. Her only claim to heroism is the number of hats she wears on a daily basis, as teacher, performer, mom, choir director, and worship music planner. (The housekeeping hat gets left in the closet rather a lot, sadly.) She is honored to be WindyCon's Music Guest of Honor, and for her very first solo GoH engagement, at that!