Galen Dara

Fan Guest of Honor: Bobbi Armbruster

A self-avowed convention junky - run 'em, attend 'em, it matters not - Bobbi has been involved in running SF con's since her first endeavor heading up programming for the 1976 Westercon. Over the years Bobbi has served as Vice Chair for 2 Worldcons, Treasurer of the very first LosCon as well as LA's first (& only) Bouchercon, tried her hand at running a dealers room, staging a Hugo Awards Ceremony, heading Volunteers, and co-chairing a Smofcon - not to mention the half dozen or more terms as a Worldcon Division Head, usually either for Facilities or Exhibits. Not satisfied with conventions consuming just her discretionary time, Bobbi struck out on her own in the ‘90s with Bobbi Armbruster Conference Management and earned her CMP (Certified Meeting Professional) designation in 2000. Bobbi retired from professional conference planning in 2013 and is currently engaged in adapting the timeline process for Worldcons.