Windycon 41 Confirmed Dealers

Dealer Table Application Information

Dealers Room Hours

Friday 3:00pm — 7:00pm
Saturday 10:00am — 6:00pm
Sunday 11:00am — 3:00pm

Amber Hammer Creations
Jewelry, Curios, and more.
Artwork by David Lee Pancake
Sculptures & Paintings
Artwork by Diana Harlan Stein
Flat Artwork
Bill & Brenda Sutton
Music Guests of Honor
Black Dragon Workshop
Our Own Handmade Wooden Boxes, Costumes, and Ceramics
3D body scans and 3D printed custom action figures
Cardz Xtcetera
Anime, Manga,Gaming, dice,ccollectibles, Steampunk & Cosplay Items, Japanese Specialty Snacks
Carol Arndt
Handmade Jewelry
Connie Faye
Art & Art Prints
Dark River Pottery & Forge
Darlene P. Coltrain
Art to Wear, including cast jewelry and Dyed/painted Silk Scarves
Dave’s Books
Dodeka Records
Filk CDs & Books
Dreamhaven Books
SF Books
DVD World
DVDs, Games, Books
Evil Toad Studios & Dark Arts
Glen Cook Bookseller
Books, new & used
Hedwig’s Corner
Fancy Boxes, Statuary, Mortar & Pestiles, Incense, Stones, Jewelry, Gift Items, Crocheted Items
Honeck Sculpture
Bronze Fantasy Sculpture
Horizon Music
Ambient Electronic Music on CD
New SF & F Books
Keeper of the Sins
Independent author, Chad Bednar
Kent McDaniel
Comics, Books, Cds
Kiri Katz Tees
Handmade silk-screened T-Shirts, ruffled scarves and scrunchies, tote bags, koozies, commissioned art
Larry Smith Bookseller
New Books
Lauren Jankowski
Independent Author
Lost in the Maille
Chainmaille Jewelry & Accessories
Machinedreams Jewelry
Handmade jewelry, Steampunk, Fantasy, Industrial, Cyberpunk
Costuming Guest of Honor
Mobile Stress Relief Unit
Massage Therapy
Mr. Sweets Games & Candy
Games & Candy
Mudcat Studio
Handmade Pottery & Beaded Jewelry
Handmade jewelry, coasters, art, etc.
The Odd Works
Steampunk and Traditional Jewelry, Accessories
Offworld Designs
Red Owl Photo
Cosplay Photography
Slumbering Herd
Cindy Dauer
Original Art Prints/Posters/Cards
S F & F Media Toys
SF Toys and Hand Made Wooden Weapons
Starfarer’s Despatch
Used and Rare SF & Fantasy Books
The Starship Cat
Books, Tshirts, Collectibiles & Figurines
Stormsister Designs
Jewelry and raw beads & crafting supplies
Ursula Vernon
Thompson Productions
Gaming Accessories, Miniatures, T-Shirts.
Wolfshead Photography
Photographs and Calendars

If you have any questions about the Dealer's Room at Windycon 41, please send us an email at dealers at windycon dot org.