Windycon 41 Confirmed Dealers

Dealer Table Application Information

Amber Hammer Creations
Jewelry, Curios, and more.
Artwork by David Lee Pancake
Sculptures & Paintings
Black Dragon Workshop
Our Own Handmade Wooden Boxes, Costumes, and Ceramics
Cardz Xtcetera
Anime, Manga,Gaming, dice,ccollectibles, Steampunk & Cosplay Items, Japanese Specialty Snacks
Carol Arndt
Handmade Jewelry
Connie Faye
Art & Art Prints
Dark River Pottery & Forge
Darlene P. Coltrain
Art to Wear, including cast jewelry and Dyed/painted Silk Scarves
Dave’s Books
Dodeka Records
Filk CDs & Books
DVD World
DVDs, Games, Books
Glen Cook Bookseller
Books, new & used
Ursula Vernon
Bill & Brenda Sutton
Music Guests of Honor
Costuming Guest of Honor
Honeck Sculpture
Bronze Fantasy Sculpture
Horizon Music
Ambient Electronic Music on CD
Hedwig’s Corner
Fancy Boxes, Statuary, Mortar & Pestiles, Incense, Stones, Jewelry, Gift Items, Crocheted Items
Lauren Jankowski
Independent Author
New SF & F Books
Kent McDaniel
Comics, Books, Cds
Kiri Katz Tees
Handmade silk-screened T-Shirts, ruffled scarves and scrunchies, tote bags, koozies, commissioned art
Larry Smith Bookseller
New Books
Lost in the Maille
Chainmaille Jewelry & Accessories
Machinedreams Jewelry
Handmade jewelry, Steampunk, Fantasy, Industrial, Cyberpunk
Mobile Stress Relief Unit
Massage Therapy
Mr. Sweets Games & Candy
Games & Candy
Mudcat Studio
Handmade Pottery & Beaded Jewelry
Handmade jewelry, coasters, art, etc.
The Odd Works
Steampunk and Traditional Jewelry, Accessories
Offworld Designs
Red Owl Photo
Cosplay Photography
Slumbering Herd
Cindy Dauer
Original Art Prints/Posters/Cards
S F & F Media Toys
SF Toys and Hand Made Wooden Weapons
Starfarer’s Despatch
Used and Rare SF & Fantasy Books
The Starship Cat
Books, Tshirts, Collectibiles & Figurines
Stormsister Designs
Jewelry and raw beads & crafting supplies
Wolfshead Photography
Photographs and Calendars

If you have any questions about the Dealer's Room at Windycon 41, please send us an email at dealers at windycon dot org.