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Windycon is a science-fiction convention, running from November 15-17, 2019. All artwork must somehow relate to science fiction, fantasy, or actual science. (Fortunately, this leaves lots of room to work with.) While Windycon encourages and has enjoyed a wide and varied assortment of styles and subject matter of art in the art show, we reserve the right to reject any art which violates local laws. Windycon also reserves the right to move art to an adult section if it has been determined to be inappropriate for our under age attendees.

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Art Show Hours


1:00 PM—4:00 PM (artist setup)
4:00 PM—9:00 PM (open to membership)


10:00 AM—6:00 PM (open to membership)
4:00PM—6:30 PM (Wine and cheese Reception, Docent Tour)
8:00 PM Art Auction


10:00 AM—2:00 PM (open for pickup, Print Shop, and After Auction sales)

Art Show and the Print Shop and What Goes Where

Art may be displayed in either the Art Show or the Print Shop, you may sell the original piece in the Art Show while selling prints of it in the Print Shop.

Just to be clear it’s ok to display a signed and numbered print from a run of 1000 or less in the Art Show, but you can only display one copy of that print in the Art Show. Multiple copies (or prints that are not signed and numbered) go to the Print Shop.

Display Space For Flat Art and 3-D Art

Flat art must be matted or framed and will be hung on sturdy commercial grid. Each section of grid is two feet wide and seven feet tall assembled into 4 foot wide panels. You’re welcome to hang your art as low on the grid as you think is reasonable, though we encourage the art to remain above knee height. for those artists who worry about people seeing other art through the open grid, limited display space is available on the grid that is against a wall. However, that grid will have tables in front of it for displays of three-dimensional art.

3-D art can be displayed on tables that are 6 feet long and 18 inches deep. If you have something that won’t fit in that space, let us know 4 weeks ahead of time so we can re-arrange and make something work.

There may be a section in the art show for adult only artwork. Space is very limited, so please let us know 4 weeks prior to the show if you need that space. The section will be separated from the general hanging area using drapes.

We ask that you please reserve space in advance of the show by sending a check payable to Windycon for the approximate amount of your hanging fees and telling us how much and the type, table and/or hanging, space that you’d like to reserve. Our hanging fees are $0.50 (50 cents) per-piece.

  • 6 foot by 18 inch table only—not including the grid (shared bay)
  • 6 foot grid bay without use of the table in front of it (shared bay)
  • 6 foot bay including the grid and table in front of it (unshared bay)
  • 4 feet of freestanding grid

An artist may request multiple bays or grid sections; however, they must be conjoining spaces. The only exception to this is for the artist that have adult only art, as well as general art.

Due to limited resources, there will be a 40-piece limit in the general art show.

We reserve the right to rearrange displays in order to to Create a more cohesive art show.

Control Sheets and Bid Sheets

If you’d like, we’ll be happy to e-mail you control sheets before the convention. Just ask. You’re welcome to fill out your control sheets at the con, but if we get them by the mail-in deadline, we’ll already have them in the computer and have bid sheets printed for you when you arrive. NOTE: We are printing the bid sheets.

Each piece that is displayed must be labeled with the artist’s name and title of the piece.

Print shop pieces must include a price in addition to artist’s name and title of the piece.

Pieces displayed in the Art Show must include a minimum bid price or be clearly labeled Not For Sale (NFS).

Bid sheets must be attached to the piece it belongs to or directly next to that piece. If it is not possible to attach the bid sheet to the art, then clearly number the piece to match the piece number on the bid sheet. There will be stickers available to use for this purpose, but the artist is encouraged to label all pieces before hanging your art. This ensures that attendees are clear on what piece they are bidding on, as well as helps our staff to ensure the right piece is given to the winning bidder.

Hanging Fees and Commissions

The Art Show charges a hanging fee of $0.50 (50 cents) per piece. Although there is no hanging fee for the Print Shop, space there is limited and once it is full, it’s full. Hanging fees must be paid when the art is checked into the Art Show.

Windycon charges a 10% commission on all sales from both Art Show and Print Shop.

Charity Auction pieces do not pay a hanging fee nor commission.

Mailing In Art

Windycon accepts mail-in art for display in both Art Show and Print Shop.

All art that is mailed in must include:

  • An email address and/or phone number where you can be reached
  • Check or money order payable to Windycon for hanging fees (Art Show only)
  • A pre-paid shipping label or a check or money order payable to Windycon sufficient to pay for return shipping and insurance (if desired) on the artwork. Any excess will be returned.
    DO NOT SEND STAMPS as we cannot return overage.
  • Filled out control sheet
  • A return mailing address label (your address, not mine)
  • All packaging must be reusable so that we can send the artwork back in it.
  • A hanging diagram is optional

Please specify your preferred carrier for shipping artwork and the address where you want it shipped back on your control sheet. Any not marked will be returned UPS ground.

Mail-in art must arrive no later than Friday, November 1st, 2019 and should be sent to:

Richard France
505 Deerfield Ct.
Schaumburg, IL 60194-2511

Picking Up Unsold Art and Getting Paid for Sold Art

Artists or their agents must pick up unsold artwork by 2:00 PM on Sunday. Art that is not picked up will be shipped back to the artist and the artist will be charged for shipping and an additional handling fee of $20.00.

We will write checks for sold art within 4 weeks of the convention. This is for walk-in and mail-in artists.

Mail-in art will be returned within two weeks following the convention.

Art Show Security

Cameras are not allowed in the Art Show.

Food and beverage are not allowed in the Art Show.

Only Windycon members will be allowed in the Art Show unless special arrangements have been made with the Art Show directors.

Purchasing Art

Bidders must be members of Windycon. As a handy side effect, we’ll give you a card to record the pieces that you’ve bid on for your reference (it’s called the back of your badge).

Bidders must start with the minimum bid or higher. If you bid lower than the minimum bid printed on the bid sheet, your bid will be disqualified It will be crossed off and not count for sending the art piece to auction.

Clearly print your badge name, badge number, and bid amount in the space provided. If it is difficult for you to do so, please ask for assistance. If your writing is ineligible we will have to disqualify the bids.

Pieces with 1 or 2 bids, as of closing on Saturday are considered sold to the highest bidder. Remember, no Sunday sales of auction pieces.

Pieces with 3 or more bids as of closing will be sold at the live auction on Saturday night. The bidding will start at the highest bid amount.

There will be no Sunday bidding on pieces in the Art Show.

Pieces in the Print Shop may be purchased at any time when the Print Shop is open. Buyers may take these items at the time of purchase.

Picking Up Purchased Art

If you are the high bidder on a piece of art, you must pick up and pay for your purchase using cash, checks, travelers checks, Discover, Visa, or MasterCard.

Art may be picked up Sunday before 2:00 PM. If you do not pick up your art Windycon will place a hold on your Registration name for the following year. If you are not able to pick up the art on Sunday, please see an art show staff member to make arrangements, we will work with you.

Charity Auction

There will be space for our charity auction. Any artist may donate items to this auction, with the proceeds going to that charity.

Windycon has a charity that we coordinate with. We cannot coordinate with or contact any other charity. If you have work that you want to place in the art show for your own charity, then you must place the art under your name and be responsible for the proceeds.

Items Not Covered Above

If there’s something that’s not covered in the above rules, we’ll talk it over and try to come up with a reasonable rule to cover the situation.

If you need assistance or have any questions, we encourage you to contact us at: artshow at windycon dot org or see a staff member.

Please remember that Windycon is a volunteer organization. Everyone here is doing their level best to act in a courteous and professional manner – while making you some money – because that’s the way we ought to do it. If somebody’s doing a good job for you, thank them. It goes a long way. And if they’re not doing a good job, let the Art Show director know – or, if they’re the one you think has created the problem, let the Windycon Chairperson know. Either or both can be contacted on the Contact Us page on the web site. We want to know what the problems are and we want to find solutions. And, yes, we really will try to be reasonable.