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Art Show Hours


1:00 PM—4:00 PM (artist setup)
4:00 PM—9:00 PM (open to membership)


10:00 AM—6:00 PM (open to membership)
4:30PM—6:30 PM (Wine and cheese Reception, Docent Tour)
8:00 PM Art Auction


10:00 AM—2:00 PM (open for pickup, Print Shop, and After Auction sales)

Welcome again to the Windycon Art Show!

If you have not displayed art at Windycon before, please take a moment to read through our detailed page on how to sell art at Windycon. If you will be unable to make it yourself, you can still mail-in your art. Our staff will be happy to hang your art for you!

If you will be attending, think about demonstrating your art! We have tables at the front of the Art Show specifically set aside for demonstrations. We enjoy learning how you make those wonderful pieces!

Special Events

We have 2 Art Show Events this year. As always, we have our Art Auction on Saturday night. Make sure you set aside the time so you can defend your bid!

In addition, we have the Saturday Social gathering. Wear your finest attire, socialize and rub elbows with the artists, while nibbling on wine and cheese. Suitable drink and cookies will be available for the younger art enthusiasts.

We look forward to seeing you and your art in the Windycon Art show!

Art Show General Rules

Cameras are not allowed in the Art Show.

Food and beverage are not allowed in the Art Show.

Only Windycon members will be allowed in the Art Show unless special arrangements have been made with the Art Show director.

If there’s something that’s not covered in the above rules, we’ll talk it over and try to come up with a reasonable rule to cover the situation. And, yes, we really will try to be reasonable.

Please remember that Windycon is a volunteer organization. Everyone here is doing their level best to act in a courteous and professional manner — while making you some money — because that’s the way we ought to do it. If somebody’s doing a good job for you, thank them. It goes a long way. And if they’re not doing a good job, let the Art Show director know — or, if they're the one you think has created the problem, let the Windycon Chairperson know. Either or both can be contacted on the Contact Us page on the web site. We want to know what the problems are and we want to find solutions.

If you have any questions about the Art Show or Auction at Windycon, please send us an email at artshow at windycon dot org.