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Buying Art

  • Bidders must be members of Windycon. As a handy side effect, we’ll give you a card to record the pieces that you’ve bid on for your reference (it’s called the back of your badge).
  • Bidders may write in bids on pieces in the Art Show until 6:00 PM Saturday night. Bids must be in whole dollars.
  • Pieces with 1 or 2 bids as of closing on Saturday are sold to the current high bidder.
  • Pieces with 3 or more bids as of closing will be sold at the voice auction on Saturday night. The starting bid will be the last written bid amount.
  • There will be no Sunday bidding on pieces in the Art Show. Only pieces with an After Auction price filled in will be sold.
  • Pieces in the Print Shop may be purchased at any time when the Print Shop is open. Buyers may take these items at the time of purchase.

Picking Up Purchased Art

If you are the high bidder on a piece of art, you must pick up and pay for your purchase using cash, checks, travelers checks, Visa, or MasterCard.

Art may be picked up Sunday before 2:00 PM.

You are more than welcome to look around and purchase After Auction pieces while picking up and paying for art you won via bid sheet or live auction.

If you have any questions about the Art Show or Auction at Windycon, please send us an email at artshow at windycon dot org.