Elizabeth Koprucki Science/Maker Guest of Honor

Elizabeth Koprucki

Elizabeth Koprucki serves as the Assistant Director, Fab Lab and Design at the University of Chicago’s Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She manages the Polsky Center’s Fab Lab where she mentors entrepreneurs and researchers through the prototyping process. She oversees the Fab Lab’s programming and staffing and connects Polsky Exchange members with resources on campus and across Chicago.

Elizabeth's degree and first career were in graphic design. While pursuing art and communication, she created many pieces inspired by the Hubble Space Telescope. She has been interested in space since an elementary school field trip to the Huntsville Space Center. Elizabeth's pivot to a career as a maker professional started with seeing 3D printing for the first time at the Museum of Science and Industry. The same day, her interest in astronomy and planetary science was re-catalyzed by an exhibit about the Mars Rover Curiosity's landing and first few days on Mars. She designed and co-taught a maker program at the Ancona School as a first foray into STEM and STEAM communication, before applying to be a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador. She has served as a Solar System Ambassador since 2014, presenting image processing, robotic spaceflight, and the history of the Jet Propulsion Lab to many audiences, including the maker community.

Prior to joining Polsky, Elizabeth also worked as a maker educator at the Art Institute and the Chicago Public Library. She served as CNC area host at Pumping Station: One and has done graphic design for a number of South Side businesses and nonprofits. She is passionate about getting people interested in science, technology, and art, and especially in their intersection.

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