Alex "Galactic Elephant" DeMichael Cosplay Guest of Honor

John Berlyne

Alex "Galactic Elephant" DeMichael began cosplaying 11 years ago. When he started off he was a broke college student so he was always trying to do things economically so as to not waste resources. His passion for the fantastic comes from growing up with his father, who was a makeup artist for many years, and his mother, who was always sewing with aunts and grandmas. Those forces combined with being a theater kid developed his interest in costuming, performance, and building.

As a welder by trade he fabricates metal projects for a living, but has always enjoyed building in general and is willing to work many mediums to accomplish his goal. Whether that goal is building a plywood couch, sewing costumes out of fabric, or armor out of EVA foam they are all enjoyable.

Alex streams cosplay and crafting on twitch in a semi informational format. It's not a step by step, but he will demonstrate tricks he's learned and some insight on working with the material. If you watch enough you can spend a few channel points to get a fact about space or elephants!

He has a great love for conventions and believes scifi to be some of the greatest explorations of people's dreams. He has his own grand ideas and dreams that he will keep working towards bringing them to life, hoping to brings smiles to people's faces along the way.

Alex met his wife Dana at conventions in 2012 and they started dating 2013. They married in 2017 surrounded by many of the ConFam.